Lizard by Dennis Covington

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With sea-green eyes more on the side of his head than most people's and a nose that lies on its side, Lucius Sims resembles a reptile. That's why he was sent to the Leesville Louisiana State School for Retarded Boys even though no one ever proved he was mentally handicapped. but the state school is no place for a wide-eyed thirteen-year-old boy who wants to see the world. So when a shoe salesman from up north arrives claiming to be his father, Lizard takes a chance. Lizard knows his real father is dead, but he also knows that this impostor could be his only ticket to freedom. This 1995 Random House Children's Books Paperback is in Fair condition.

ISBN: 9780440214908 SKU: 895923 Note: Any image shown is from a stock photo and is not the actual book.