Copycat by Gillian White

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Dear God, how I wish I'd never met her.... Sometimes I wished she was dead. Jennie and Martha became friends when Jennie moved in next door. At least, Jennie thought they were friends. Jennie admired everything about Martha -- her house, her gorgeous husband, her bohemian clothes, even her children's exotic names. Martha seemed to take to motherhood so effortlessly and confidently, while for Jennie it was such an effort. Martha tolerated Jennie, took her on holiday, helped her with the children -- but all the time she was wondering how much longer she could stand living next door. As time went on, the roles seemed to reverse. As Jennie became more confident, more successful, Martha's life seemed a bit of a mess. At times they seemed less like friends, more like sworn enemies. Their relationship became bitter, twisted -- a relationship which only one of them could survive. This 2003 Transworld Publishers Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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