For The Love Of A Cat: A Publisher's Story by David St. John Thomas

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Few people can appreciate the joy that being owned by a cat brings better than David St John Thomas z the latest in a long line of publishers and authors to pay homage to the very special cats who have entered their busy lives. This is a book for everyone who really cares about cats. Vividly written, sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, anyone who has fallen for a cat, however much against their better judgement, is bound to find it uplifting. While cat people are nice (Hitler couldnzt stand them!), the real heroes in this book are naturally the cats themselves. A rich portfolio of feline characters z including the authorzs own cats z step off the page, or perhaps lie curled in seductive curves on it, so vividly that you can feel their fur and hear their purr! Rich in entertaining anecdotes and asides, For the Love of a Cat will enhance every cat ownerzs understanding of their feline friend and remind them again and again just how lucky they are to share their lives with this most fascinating of creatures. This 2006 Exisle Publishing Hardback is in Near Mint condition.

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