Jolt by Bernard Beckett

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'We ran, down through the thick bush below the slip, Rebecca leading. Lisa's light pack slung over one shoulder and bouncing wildly, as if it was as frightened as the rest of us. Below me I could hear the chatter of a stream, mixed with the heavy breathing of the others.Above me I could hear the men giving chase.' Marko surfaces from a drug induced haze to find himself hidden from the world in a psychiatric ward. He is certain the 'Doctor' means to kill him, and he in turn has vengeful plans of his own. But how is it he came to stop taking his medication? Who can Marko trust and how much time does he have? Time enough to write it all down, his story of a coast-to-coast trip, and the earthquake which ripped his world apart. A thriller that will breathe cold air under your collar.JOLT is a chilling psychological thriller. Here Beckett addresses serious themes; death, revenge and morality. He delves into the primitive side of human nature and looks at how people respond when pushed to the edge of survival. This 2001 Longacre Press Paperback is in Good condition.

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