Death On The Ice by Robert Ryan

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The story of one of the last great epic journeys of exploration made before WW1: Robert Falcon Scott's fateful journey to the South Pole. This is the story of a terrible journey in which five men died in the most appalling conditions; Robert Falcon Scott's polar expedition of 1910. A small British team raced against the Norwegians to be the first to the South Pole. After disappointing failure, these men began their return journey home; it was to be the last journey any of them would ever make. Since their deaths nearly a hundred years ago, their final days have been surrounded by myth and controversy - what really happened? Who was to blame? Did Scott doom his party to a slow, cold death by spurning the use of dogs? Robert Ryan brilliantly depicts the nobility of these men under extreme duress, the depths of despair to which they sunk, and the heights of heroism they scaled to try and overcome the seemingly impossible. This 2009 Headline Review Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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