The Songmaker's Chair by Albert Wendt

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The Songmaker's Chair tells of a Samoan family, the Aiga Sa Peseola, who have been in Auckland since the 1950s. Over three generations the family have intermarried with Mäori and Pakeha to develop what they refer to as the Peseola Way. Central to that Way is the magnificent Polynesian exploration and settlement of the Pacific, and a songmaking tradition which Peseola Olaga, the family patriarch has inherited from his father. At the heart of the play is the love between Peseola Olaga and Malaga, his wife, and how they've struggled to give their children a good life in Aotearoa. For theirs is the Peseola Way: defiant, honest and unflinching even in the face of death. This 2004 Huia Publishers Paperback is in Mint condition.

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