The Emperor's General by James Webb

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Webb's vividly imagined thriller arrives with imprimatur of Tom Wolfe, who calls him one of the five most important writers in America today. Does Webb justify this lavish praise? In the year 1945, General MacArthur has brought off the allied triumph in the Pacific. Webb's hero, Captain Jay Marsh, a young aide-de-camp, is happy to serve his hero. But when he discovers that the General has undertaken a strange agreement with the Emperor of Japan, Marsh finds himself dealing with a bizarre scenario in which MacArthur plans to become an American Caesar, ruling over his conquered Japanese subjects while preserving their imperial system. Webb's fascinating and original plot is carried off with considerable style and authority, and he is particularly assured in his characterisation: MacArthur is created with a convincing detail that is cleverly not allowed to eclipse the tormented protagonist Marsh. Like all the best historical fiction, the day-to-day detail of the forties is sketched in with assurance and the narrative (culminating in the rigged trial of Japan's greatest General) is handled with clarity and precision. It's no surprise that the film rights for The Emperor's General have been sold--but, as a reading experience, this is a book that justifies Wolfe's fulsome praise --Barry Forshaw, This 2000 Penguin Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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