Rise And Shine by Anna Quindlen

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Its an otherwise ordinary Monday when Meghan Fitzmaurices perfect life hits a wall. A household name as the host of 'Rise and Shine', the countrys highest-rated morning talk show, Meghan cuts to a commercial break, but not before she mutters two forbidden words into her open mike. In an instant, its the end of an era - not only for Meghan, who is unaccustomed to dealing with adversity, but also for her younger sister, Bridget, a social worker in the Bronx who has always lived in Meghans long shadow. The effect of Meghans on-air truth-telling reverberates through both of their lives, affecting Meghans son, husband, friends, and fans, as well as Bridgets perception of her sister, their complex childhood, and herself. What follows is a story about how, in very different ways, the Fitzmaurice women adapt, survive, and manage to bring the whole teeming world of New York to heel, by dint of their smart mouths, quick wits, and the powerful connection between them that even the worst tragedy cannot shatter. This 2006 Hutchinson Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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