Corsair: A Novel From The Oregon Files by Clive Cussler; Jack Du Brul

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Off the coast of Somalia a battered, old freighter is boarded by pirates whose sights are set on a hefty ransom . . .But these pirates have made a mistake. For this rusting freighter is none other than Juan Cabrillos secretive, state-of-the-art fighting ship Oregon. And Cabrillo is about to turn the tables on a deadly Somali pirate captain.One spectacular battle later and Cabrillo finds himself embroiled in an even tougher assignment. The US Secretary of States plane has crashed on its way to a summit in Libya and she is missing. Cabrillo is the only one who can find her. But his search quickly involves a lost ancient jewel and a murderous plot by terrorists intent on plunging the world into chaos This 2010 Penguin Paperback is in Good condition.

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