Ripples On The Lake by Dawn Rotarangi

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When an out-of-it Billy Delaney steals coins from a sacred rock on the shores of Lake Taupo to buy a hamburger late one night, he has no idea what he is about to unleash upon himself and his immediate family. But then Billy has always been trouble, and when the oldest of Lucky Delaney's children, Saffron, steps in to try and take care of him yet again, trouble swarms over the Delaneys like bees on a honey pot. First Saffron and Billy's young niece suffers an horrific traffic accident, leaving her in a coma, balanced precariously between life and death. And then the Delaneys begin to die horribly, one by one. It's left to a disbelieving Saffron and an unlikely ally - Nick, the burnt-out war photographer trying to piece his life back together in a country backwater - to try and appease the wrath of the ancient tohunga Tama Ariki, whose quest for utu for his slain mokopuna echoes down the years. Set in and around Lake Taupo, the author creates a subtle web of superstition and the supernatural, bringing together both Maori and Celtic imagery to create a groundbreaking paranormal adventure that is pure Aotearoa. This 2007 HarperCollins New Zealand Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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