Omerta by Mario Puzo

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From the late author of THE GODFATHER - one of the bestselling novels of all times - comes his last tale of Mafia conspiracy, violence and betrayal ...OMERTA is the Mafia code of silence. So when an important mob boss is assassinated no-one will talk. His nephew and the head of the New York FBI begin their own investigations into his murder, but the silence spreads like a contagion - the silence of rival gangs, the silence of crooked bankers - even the silence of the courts ... But the world of the Mafia is a world without integrity, where everyone has a price.Mario Puzo was one of the giants of twentieth-century popular fiction. He was the author of seven novels, including THE GODFATHER, the inspiration for Francis Ford Coppola's classic sequence of films, and THE LAST DON. He died in July 1999. This 2001 Arrow (UK) Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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