Doing Our Best: New Zealand Mothers Speak From The Heart by Leanne McKenzie; Gail Thomas

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In this revealing book, over 100 New Zealand mothers speak from the heart about their real-life experiences of motherhood. Leanne McKenzie and Gail Thomas asked women from all over New Zealand to contribute to the book, and the response was impressive, from teenage mothers to grandmothers, and from a range of ethnic backgrounds. With honesty and good humour, they describe experiences both rare and commonplace, from everyday joys and laughter to extraordinary struggles and tragedy. There are stories about childbirth, about weaning and infancy, about parenting young children and raising difficult teenagers. Among the subjects covered are preparing for a homebirth, caring for a disabled child, solo parenting, family holidays, rural isolation, motherhood versus career and coping with child death. Many of the stories offer encouragement and reassurance, others practical advice and guidance. Mothers everywhere will respond to the honest sharing of thoughts and feelings, hopes and disappointments, in this entertaining and inspiring celebration of New Zealand motherhood. This 2003 Exisle Publishing Limited Paperback is in Mint condition.

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