City Lives by Patricia Scanlan

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Devlin, Caroline and Maggie. Women in their prime who are the envy of their peers and 'have it all'. Careers. Success. Marriage. But at what price? Just when Devlin has everything she has ever dreamed of, a callous betrayal shows her that there's no room for friendship and loyalty in business. Can she be as tough as she needs to be in a world of deceit and double-dealing, where honesty and integrity are rare commodities?Caroline, fed up being a victim, is no longer shy, unsure and needy. She's about to take a step that will change her life. Then tragedy strikes, and her plans change completely. But when one door closes another opens. And Maggie, alone, unsupported and unhappy in her marriage, has to make a choice that will put her children's needs before her own. Has she the strength to do what she has to do? This 2000 Bantam Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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