The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson

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Amber Salpone thinks in chocolate -talk to her for three minutes and she'll tell you whatkind of chocolate you'd be. In fact, most days, if shewas asked to choose between chocolate and relationships,there'd be no contest. At least chocolate has never lether down. Unlike her family. Growing up in the Salponehousehold has taught Amber to avoid conflict - and love -at all costs. So, when she does the unthinkable and has aone-night stand with womaniser Greg Walterson, heruncomplicated, chocolate-flavoured life goes intomeltdown. Especially when Greg announces she's the loveof his life - and Amber finds it hard enough to decide ifshe wants plain or Fruit & Nut . . .Meanwhile, her best friend, Jen, seems to be launching abid to become Bitch Of The Year and Amberrs'sfamily are making unreasonable demands. Amber has twochoices: to deal with her past and the people around her,or to go on a chocolate run and keep on running . .. This 2008 Sphere Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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