Leaving Gaza by Margaret Sutherland

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Can there be two more different women than Ruth, the vibrant Israeli writer who grew up amid gunfire and grenades, and long-married Barbara, still living and painting in her Australian home town? Ruth's independence and her passion for Israel's political cause startles the artistic world of Heath and Barbara Barnes. Ruth enters their orbit as Barbie declares war on a life she now sees as subservient and controlled. Perhaps she just wants attention and respect, but Heath misunderstands. Ruth is drawn in to fill the growing rift, until sociable lunches and cosy picnics falter. 'Innocence can be dangerous,' Ruth points out to her friend. 'What do you mean?' 'We can't deny that the dark side's never far away.' Following a crisis, Barbara is shell-shocked to find her future in ruins. Surely she is a victim? But an unsettling version of events suggests that sometimes no one is to blame. Peace is a hard-won trophy, for private lives as well as warring nations. Finally, like her admired models, those early Australian women painters who expressed their art despite setbacks and mockery, Barbara sets out on the long road to freedom and the right to be herself. This 2007 Trafford Publishing Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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