The Pawpaw Patch by Shirley Edge

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There's a concrete block of flats. Ten of them. Five up, five down. Heaps of people. Lots of noise. Lurid language. Beat-up bombs. Dogs. Complaining neighbours. Life is raw, public. There's Julie. She kneels on the floor, wipes the skirting boards. 'Where did you learn that?' says the landlord. 'In gaol,' she says, 'in gaol.' There's another Julie with the hated/adored child. 'I don't want you,' says fat Julie. 'Wait for me, wait for me,' screams the child. Man, oh man, the debts. Can't pay! Can't pay! Can't pay! There's a boyfriend skipping in, there's a boyfriend slipping out. There's a boyfriend paying for three flats at once. Sharon's kid's been pinching milk money and Licia's flirting with the big fella with the dreads. Power bills! Can't pay! Can't pay! Can't pay! Tenants taking off to escape a con-man. Six in custody battles. A baby dies. Something has happened, way down yonder in the pawpaw patch. Top flat, bottom flat, one to ten. The tenants battle on. Life is tough, life is rough. They're not giving up. They might just make it through. About the Author Gutsy, deftly crafted stories about the raw side of life, in Shirley Edge's outstanding d?but collection. A former farmer and teacher, Shirley lives in Whangarei where she writes, learns the violin and plays bridge and golf. This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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