Permit To Draw: a New Zealand Artist's Sketch of the Sudan in a Turbulent Era by Pamela Searell

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You want a permit to draw? Madam, that will be very difficult. I can give you a permit to take photographs because photography is illegal. But drawing is not illegal. Therefore I cannot give you a permit to draw. - Sudanese police inspector Permit to Draw is an artist's sketch of her experience of Africa in a turbulent era. It offers a sympathetic, humorous, and prophetic insight into the people and passions of this colourful, complex and ancient continent. About the Author Pamela Searell was born in 1926 in Putaruru. She qualified as an advisory art specialist and was an itinerant teacher from 1947 to 1953. She took up full-time painting in 1953, complemented by temporary jobs while overseas, journalism and radio current affairs and art reviews in New Zealand. Pamela met her husband Ross in the Southern Alps. Mountaineering was an essential part of their life until middle age, when small boat cruising gave a platform for bird studies by Pamela. In 1956 Pamela and Ross went to Malawi, where African faces drew a response with their sculpted features, the landscape inspired strongly structured oils, and wild animals started to feature in Pamela's works. After Malawi, life back in a New Zealand forestry town seemed dull in comparison, and in 1960 the couple returned to the Sudan, the setting for this book. Years in France followed before they returned to NZ in 1967, living on the coast north of Wellington. Pamela then began to create in bas-relief paintings, and later freestanding sculptures. At first monochrome, colour in her three-dimensional work was inspired by polychrome statues of antiquity. The distant past provided much of her source material, as did sketches from her travels and bird life along the varied shores of Wellington. Pamela and Ross travelled extensively in South America, the US south-west, Alaska, central Australia and Namibia. All these places enriched her three-dimensional work. When she died in 2000 Pamela Searell left over 200 works in private and public collections. This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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