No Epitaph: the Bennier Story, Wanganui, 1917 by Felicity Campbell

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Felicity Campbell’s family association with Wanganui dates from the late 1840s when Sergeant Robert Dawson Campbell and his wife Jane Taylor arrived with the 65th Regiment. The family has farmed in the district ever since — Felicity and her husband Michael Smyth at Cherry Bank. No Epitaph recreates the events and causes leading to the Bennier tragedy of 1917. It tells of Ethel Bennier, and includes many local people caught up in her story. In 1991 Michael and Felicity took up part of the Oeta property in the Mangamahu Valley where these events unfolded. About the Author Felicity graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Music and had an early career as a secondary school music teacher in Hawkes Bay and Wanganui; she has a postgraduate Diploma in Rural Studies from Massey and a strong interest in writing and local history. She has enjoyed a lifelong interest in horseriding and her main hobby is pony driving. This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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