Family Hold Back by Lorraine Russell

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Family Hold Back is a frank depiction of life during the Depression and World War II, through the eyes of a child. Lorraine Russell's memories capture a fresh, stark sense of the times often delightful, sometimes haunting. Lorraine's story begins with her Dad on relief work and Mum struggling to pay the rent and feed and clothe the children. Times are harsh and so are the people. Love is not spoken of; tenderness is rare. But the kids had fun swimming, eeling, blackberrying and mushroom gathering. In 1938 Dad's job as a diesel mechanic has the family living in tents without water, plumbing or electricity. They shift frequently the children change schools eight times in two years. During World War II New Zealand endures food shortages and rationing, and threats of air raids and Japanese invasion. At the end of the 1940s the family moves into a new state house and in 1948 Lorraine leaves school to begin a career. About the Author Lorraine Russell is a retired librarian from Stokes Valley, near Wellington. She cares for her grand- children after school, embroiders, plays bridge, and is a keen member of a writing workshop. She is now working on a novel. This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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