Oceans of Time by Dave Share

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Dave Share and his larrikin shipmates visited the exotic ports of the world, finding women, bars, and adventure wherever they went. Sailing into the Cuban Missile Crisis and being discriminated against in South Africa because of his dark skin are just two of Dave’s dramas in this rollicking life of a no-holds-barred seadog. Dave jumped ship in New Zealand three times, until he settled here and for the rest of his career plied the Kiwi coast and Cook Strait. He recounts tales and dispels myths about the ferries, their crews, the union and the management – telling it like it was. About the Author Born in London’s East End in 1940, Dave Share went into Barnardos’ care and spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes. In 1956 he joined the British Merchant Navy and gallivanted around the world for 14 years before settling in New Zealand. After 48 years on the briny Dave retired in 2004. He lives in Wellington. This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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