Luck of the Bounce by Gordon Challis

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This third collection of poems from Gordon Challis continues to fulfil Landfall editor Charles Brasch’s 1960 prophecy, that what lay ahead for Challis was the building of a major poetic reputation. A foundation was laid with his first book, Building, but the worksite remained largely abandoned for 40 years until the appearance of The Other side of the Brain. With Luck of the Bounce Gordon Challis clearly establishes the nature of his work – poetry memorable for its humour, variety of content and the underlying compassion of its voice. Mac Jackson in the Listener on The Other Side of the Brain: “… poems of real power. The low-key manner is analytical, confiding, with a touch of the dosshouse philosopher engrossed in offbeat speculation. Sometimes it is anecdotal. Challis is at home with the bizarre … There are touches of wry humour. The poetry thrives on Challis’s quirky linking of diverse areas of experience.” About the Author Gordon Challis’ poetry has been featured in the Listener, Landfall, New Zealand Books and New Statesman, and in several anthologies such as Oxford’s New Zealand Poetry (1997). This Steele Roberts Paperback is in Mint condition.

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