Mosaic: the Art of Margaret Coupe by Erica Speden

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Margaret made mosaics for almost thirty years in the small town of Kaikohe in Northland. This book is a record and celebration of her work. The pleasures of Margaret’s art are immense. Her mosaics have contours, textures and depths of colour that cannot be fully captured with a camera. Most people, on seeing them, feel compelled to touch them. They have physical presence, and convey a strong sense of the craft and creative satisfaction that was involved in making them. Margaret worked quietly, for her own pleasure, far from the art worlds of New Zealand’s larger centres. She followed her instincts, and the uniqueness and originality of her art leap off the pages. Contains 40 of Margaret's mosaics, all reproduced in colour. This Steele Roberts Hardcover is in Mint condition.

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