The Lingo Dictionary: Favourite Australian Words and Phrases by John Frederick Miller

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It's been donkey's years, yonks in fact, since a book as drool worthy and cack yourself funny as this one landed on Kiwi shelves. You'll be like a cockie looking down a biscuit tin when you see this little beauty, and best of all you won't have to part with a grey nurse to own your own little piece of Australiana. Got no idea what I'm on about? Then you'd better get your mits on one of these babies before they all get snaffled up. Don't hang five, go have a gander. You'd be a gronk to miss out! Sometimes cheeky, occasionally uncouth and always a whole lot of fun The Lingo Dictionary is a catalogue of unique Australian vernacular. Written by passionate wordsmith and ex-news editor John Miller, visitors to Australia will appreciate The Lingo Dictionary's larrikin humour and will find it an invaluable resource for understanding what our nearest neighbours are actually talking about! Author John Miller is a historian and journalist based in Orange, NSW. Sub-editor and editor of the Central Western Daily for several years, a media adviser to state government and manager for Orange tourism, John has also served as Mayor of Orange. This 2009 Exisle Publishing Paperback is in Mint condition.

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