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Behind the Lines: Stories by J. T. Wilson

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Behind the Lines is a collection of thirteen stories, some short, some long, and many completely new. In the book’s longest story, a nuclear holocaust triggers an unlikely alliance between a young drifter and a prime minister on the run; in other stories, a farm job brings a boy unexpected benefits; a car breakdown results in a change in a young couple’s relationship; a girl finds love in a rural community — or does she? Full of unexpected twists and turns, all of the stories in J.T. Wilson’s first collection are both accessible and thoroughly absorbing. The book also includes an introduction in which the author talks about his writing and his way of life. Behind the Lines is sure to delight Jason Wilson’s many fans — and attract new admirers too. ABOUT THE AUTHOR J.T. Wilson has had immense success — and media interest — from selling his stories on streets and university campuses in Sydney and other major cities in Australia and New Zealand. Everywhere he goes people chat to him and maybe purchase a story; in return he gathers new material for more stories. Raised in Timaru, New Zealand, where his mother still lives, he is now based in Sydney. In the future he hopes to purchase some land and start a non-profit artist retreat in the bush. This 2005 Exisle Publishing Paperback is in Mint condition.

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