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Family Surprises by Margaret Mahy

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Rosie the Dragon is a small pink dragon with a big problem. While the rest of her family put their fire-breathing skills to great use around the community, Rosie breathes water instead of fire! The best she can offer is watering the plants at the city s botanic gardens. . On the other side of town lives a boy named Caxton Camberwell. Caxton s also a kid who doesn t fit in with the rest of his family. While his mother, father and two sisters are all extremely talented and enthusiastic sculptors, Caxton s sculpting ability is a big fat nil! Both Caxton and Rosie dream of other things. Rosie loves to dance, while Caxton loves to swim. . And what happens when Rosie and Caxton meet? They plan something that is guaranteed to amaze and delight the entire town. This 2006 Penguin Group New Zealand, Limited Paperback is in Good condition.

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