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Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming by John Steuart Curry; Tony Bath; Society of Ancients

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Tony Bath's early inspiration was the force that launched ancient wargaming. With his friend Donald Featherstone, he pioneered the first table top ancient battles and the most well-known of all wargaming campaigns, the Legend of Hyboria.In 1965, he founded the Society of Ancients and it's journal Slingshot. This compilation of his work includes: The Peltast and Pila Ancient Wargaming RulesThe complete book, Setting up a Wargames CampaignThe Legend of Hyboria (including notes on the conclusion of that climatic campaign). Setting up a Wargames Campaign is a complete guide to setting up an ancient and medieval campaign and has chapters on:Map movement,Contact, battles and after effects, Playing with umpires and without, Supplies and replacements, Guidelines on running campaigns in other periods. As Donald Featherstone said, 'a perfect little book'This book has been produced in partnership with the Society of Ancients.The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. This 2010 Lulu Enterprises Inc. Paperback is in Good condition.

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