Hidden Empire by Kevin J. Anderson

Foundation's Fear by Gregory Benford

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Isaac Asimov's Foundation series has long held a pre-eminent place in the science fiction canon. Yet Asimov himself suggested that there were areas that needed further exploration. In Foundation's Fear, Gregory Benford, one of the foremost writers of hard science fiction, takes up the challenge. Hari Seldon, close to perfecting his theory of Psychohistory, is now a reluctant candidate for the position of First Minister. But there is considerable, and dangerous, opposition to him and he and his wife, Dora, are forced to flee Trantor. But Hari's sometimes harrowing experiences whet his political edge and prepare him for the all-important confrontation with his enemy. Foundation's Fear is an important and compelling work, in which Benford's magnificent storytelling, grand vision and hard science fiction combine to take Asimov's Foundation into new and fascinating territory. This 1998 Orbit Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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