Malagasy Textiles by John Mack

Textiles in Archaeology (Shire Archaeology Series) by John Peter Wild

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Growing enthusiasm for handspinning and weaving as studio crafts and increasing awareness on the part of archaeologists of the value of organic materials for reconstructing economic history have led to much wider interest in archaeological textiles. Although textiles are not common finds, textile implements are, and this book shows how both contribute to our appreciation of a skilled and universal ancient craft. Geographically this book is concerned with Britain and Europe and in time ranges from the neolithic to the medieval period. The processes of spinning and weaving are explained and illustrated and the reader is taken step by step through early textile manufacture. Unusual textile terms are explained and illustrated in a glossary. Attention is drawn to good collections of archaeological textiles and early textile apparatus and there is a reading list. About the author John Peter Wild is an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology of the university and has written widely on many aspects of ancient textiles. This 2003 Shire Publications Ltd Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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