Essays in Persuasion by John Maynard Keynes

The Dictionary of Important Ideas and Thinkers by Chris Rohmann

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Here Are The Concepts That Shaped Civilization . . . The Minds That Made History . . . The Thinkers, The Thoughts, And The Theories You Need To Know To Understand The World We Live In. Now You Can Get To The Bottom Of The Big Bang Theory; Find Out Where Freud'S Ideas Were Coming From, And Where Einstein'S May Ultimately Take Us; Demystify Surrealism And Structuralism, Dialectic And Deconstruction, Communism And Capitalism. With Hundreds Of Entries, Drawn From A Wide Range Of Fields - Including Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Politics, History, Art, Literature, And Science - The Dictionary Of Important Ideas And Thinkers Enables You To Turn Immediately To The Term In Question For A Comprehensive Description Of Its History, Meaning, And Context.--Hundreds Of Entries, Alphabetically Arranged, With Key Words And Concepts Highlighted And Cross-Referenced - More Than Two Thousand In All--A Special Emphasis On Multicultural Influences And The Long-Neglected Impact Of Women On The History Of Ideas --A Concise Bibliography Of Further Readings And Resources--A Comprehensive Index Giving Easy Access To All Key Terms And Names This 2002 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback is in Good condition.

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