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Kingbird Highway: The Story of a Natural Obsession That Got a Little Out of Hand by Kenn Kaufman

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At sixteen, Kenn Kaufman dropped out of high school and hit the road, hitching back and forth across America, from Alaska to Florida, Maine to Mexico. Maybe not all that unusual a thing to do in the seventies, but what Kenn was searching for was a little different: not sex, drugs, God, or even self, but birds. The chance to see a rare bird would send him hitching nonstop from Pacific to Atlantic and back again. When he was broke he would pick fruit or do odd jobs to earn what little money he needed - in a year, traveling eighty thousand miles, he spent less than a thousand dollars. Kingbird Highway is a unique coming-of-age story, combining a lyrical celebration of nature with wild and sometimes dangerous adventures, starring a colorful cast of characters. This 1997 Houghton Mifflin Paperback is in Good condition.

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