Lazy Ozzie by Michael Coleman

A Fiddle for Angus by Budge Wilson

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Angus’ family is musical. Everyone has their own instrument and everyone knows how to make music. But Angus can only hum along to his family’s playing, and humming isn’t good enough. Angus wants to join his family’s orchestra.When Angus’ father tells him the family will give him an instrument, he can’t choose until he hears the fiddle at a ceilidh. But fiddling is hard; he can’t make the music he wants. With patience, practice, and lots of lessons, Angus’ fingers learn how to play, and the music inside him finds a way out.Budge Wilson’s story will ring true for every young musician and is a fitting tribute to the music makers of Cape Breton. Signed This 2006 Tundra Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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