The Mandate for Palestine: a Contribution To the Theory And Practice of International Mandates by J. Stoyanovsky

Unspeak: Words Are Weapons by Steven Poole

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Unspeak is language as a weapon.Every day, we are bombarded with those apparently simplewords or phrases that actually conceal darker meanings.lsquo;Climate changersquo; is less threateningthan lsquo;Global Warmingrsquo;; we say ethniccleansing when we mean mass murder. As we absorb andrepeat Unspeak we are accepting the messages thatpoliticians, businessmen and military agencies wish us tobelieve. Operation Iraqi Freedom did more than put apositive spin on the American war with Iraq; it gave theinvasion such a likeable name that the American newsnetworks quickly adopted it as their tagline forreporting on the war. By repackaging the language we useto describe international affairs or domestic politics,Unspeak tries to make controversial issues unspeakableand, therefore, unquestionable. In this thought-provokingand important book, Steven Poole traces the globalizingwave of modern Unspeak from culture wars to the cultureof war and reveals how everyday words are changing theway we think. This 2007 Abacus Paperback is in Good condition.

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