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My Year of Meat by Ruth L. Ozeki

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When Jane Takagi-Little finally lands a job - producing a Japanese television show sponsored by BEEF-EX, an organization promoting US meat export - she takes her video crew on the road in search of all-American wives, cooking all-American meat. A starving artist, born in Minnesota and relocated (via Tokyo) to New York's Lower East Side, Jane has never considered the kitchen a career move. She hardly expects this cross-country assignment to raise cross-cultural questions - not just about her life, but also about sex, love and fertility in our time. Akiko Ueno, a Tokyo housewife, diligenly prepares the Meat of the Week from the recent episode of My American Wife!. A former comic-book illustrator, Akiko is now married to a 'salaryman', the advertising agency rep for BEEF-EX. At his orders she fills out the weekly questionnaire, rating each show on Authenticity, Wholesomeness and Deliciousness of Meat. But Akiko is learning something more than just recipes from Jane's programmes, and slowly, before she realizes it, her live begins to change. One parallel year in the lives of two women at opposite ends of the earth, brought together by a strange, almost surreal convergence of global politics, meat, TV and personal crisis. From small-town America to the claustrophobia of the Japanese corporate lifestyle, MY YEAR OF MEAT is an extraordinary novel of home-grown heartbreak and humour. And Suitable for Vegetarians. This 1998 Picador Paperback is in Good condition.

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