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A Year in the World by Frances Mayes

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A YEAR IN THE WORLD chronicles the story of Frances Mayes and her husband's year-long adventure in middle age . With her immense knowledge of Italy as a starting point, Mayes turns her keen eye to Europe as a whole. The result is a rich collage of observations, diary entries and letters on a seamless journey through history, time and place. With her vivid descriptions of the food, the people and the small details, Mayes captures our senses. We are able to taste the culture, understand the history and know the nature of a place in a moment. In Naples, the pump-action coffee machines distinguish the Southern Italians from the weaker coffee loving Northerners. In Greece, the drama of the ancient myths resonates against the haunting backdrop of screeching cicadas. In Portugal, the baker's secret-recipe chocolate cake is a welcoming gift where language fails. A YEAR IN THE WORLD is vintage Mayes and an indulgence of tastes, sights and sounds. Invigorated by her traveller's sense of quest and wonder, Mayes sets herself several questions on this journey. Can a person change their life at any age? What is the meaning of home? And is this idea of home something that we can find anywhere? This 2006 Bantam Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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