The Innocent Mage Kingmaker Kingreaker Book 1 by Karen Miller

Prelude to Dune: House Harkonnen by Brian Herbert; Kevin J. Anderson

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The blood feud between House Atreides and House Harkonnen... the intrigues, the wars and the treacheries that will lead inevitably to the fall of a dynasty. Duke Leto Atreides is now the ruler of Caladan, where two of House Atreides' most loyal warriors - Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck - have come to manhood, one a Swordmaster in training, the other and escaped Harkonnen slave. To Caladan, too, comes Jessica, the exquisite, perfectly trained concubine chosen by the Reverend Mothers of the Bene Gesserit to be the mother of Leto's daughter. On Dune - planet Arrakis - House Harkonnen ruthlessly harvests the precious, mind-enhancing drug called spice, melange. Planetologists Pardot Kynes's son Liet becomes a Freman warrior, yearning for his people's freedom. And at House Harkonnen, arch enemey of House Atreides, Baron Vladimir is slowly being consumed by a loathesome disease. His nephew and heir Rabban, prepares to take over his uncle's empire. At the same time gentle, hapless Abulurd stives to undo his half-brother's cruelty and his own son's viciousness. This 2001 Hodder & Stoughton Paperback is in Good condition.

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