Sorcerer's Ward by Barbara Hambly

Dog Wizard by Barbara Hambly

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Though Joanna Sheraton was an A-1 professional hacker, she could honestly say that computers weren't her whole world—nor was the city of Los Angeles, the United States or the planet Earth as most people knew it, for that matter. Because Joanna had crossed the Void between universes into another reality, where magic was the only true science. There she'd met Antryg Windrose, a mad renegade wizard, who, owing to a rather bizarre set of circumstances, now lived with her in sunny California—seemingly as far away as he could get from his former colleagues on the Council of Wizards. Most of them considered him a charlatan...a mere dog wizard who lacked the proper discipline needed to wield magic. Yet when monsters began invading the Council's world—abominations from across the Void—even those mages not convinced Antryg was responsible knew that he was their best chance of combatting the terror. So they pooled their power to Summon him back, a call he fully intended to ignore...until they took away that option by kidnapping Joanna. Then he had no choice but to try to rescue her, though he knew it might cost him his magic, and his life. This 1993 Del Rey Paperback is in Good condition.

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