Renegade's Magic by Robin Hobb

The Harrowing Of Gwynedd by Katherine Kurtz

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Evil times had come for rthe Deryni, the humans with strange, magical powers. The Regents of the boy-king Alroy sought their destruction. And now Bishop Alister Cullen was dead, depriving the Deryni of their greatest friend. But no one could be sure he was really dead. His body lay unchanged and incorruptible. As those questions remained unanswered, the effort to save Deryni had to continue. In the meanwhile, Camber's daughter Evaine pursued the most perilous quest of all–to find among ancient foribidden scrolls the spell that might release Camber. The price to fail–or to succeed–was unthinkable..... This 1989 Del Rey / Ballantine / SFBC Hardback is in Fair condition.

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