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Zandru's Forge by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Deborah J. Ross

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Zandru's Forge 'It is not the lily days which shape our souls, but the frozen winter nights, when we find ourselves in the pit of Zandru9s Forge and discover who we truly are.99 —Felicia Leynier Thus begins the second novel in Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross' monumental Clingfire trilogy—the epic story of a cataclysmic time in the history of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover. The era of the Hundred Kingdoms was a time when power-hungry petty monarchs abounded on this frigid and magical world—a time of uncontrolled war and lawless disregard for all but the most imperialistic of political aims. Even the powerful matrix Towers—which housed and trained the laran-gifted of the Comyn—were drawn into the chaos and strife rampant in the lands outside, commanded by their liege lords to turn their telepathic abilities toward aiding the cause of battle. Mind-linked sentry birds spied out an enemy's position, trained circles of Tower workers controlled the very thoughts of their enemies, clingfire turned men and beasts into inextinguishable living torches, bonewater dust poisoned the land for generations and any soul who came in contact with it. There was no limit to the horrifying laran weaponry which was devised. In this terrible time, Neskaya and Tramontana Towers lay in ruins because of the use of dangerously powerful matrix weapons. It was said that deep within the rubble of the Towers eerie blue flames still smoldered, feeding on the very substance of the stones a generation after the unnatural holocaust. Yet the holdings and the other Towers of the Hundred Kingdoms had not learned from this disaster and strove to build even more powerful laran weapons, heedless of the obvious threat to their world. During this dark time, two young men came to Arilinn Tower. One was sent by his family, the strongest on Darkover, to learn the discipline and control of Tower life. Although only a minor telepath, his education was paramount, for the fate of his family and possibly his entire world would one day rest on his shoulders. He was Carolin Hastur, the heir of Hastur, and he was destined to be King. The other came against his family's will, and at first was turned away. He only won entrance to Arilinn when, in desperation, he accomplished the unimaginable, and proved to both his father and his Keeper that his gift was too great to remain untrained. Small and thin, his power lay in the scope and potency of his laran. His name was Varzil Ridenow, and one day he would be the most powerful Keeper on all of Darkover. At Arilinn Tower these two idealistic young men forged a friendship based on a love of their world and; a hatred of war. They devised a far-fetched dream of a world where there were no deadly longdistance weapons—where if men had a conflict, they had to fight hand to hand to resolve it. But also at Arilinn was a youth who called himself Eduin MacEarn. His mind was carefully shielded and his past kept scrupulously private. For his true name and heritage he dared not disclose. His father had sworn him to secrecy, but also to a mission of vengeance. For his father was a man thought long dead, a man who had sworn to wipe out the Hasturs and all their kin, the man responsible for the destruction of Neskaya and Tramontana Towers—the outlaw Keeper Rumail Deslucido! This 2003 Daw Hardback is in Fair condition.

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