Tribute by Nora Roberts

The Greatest Gamble: Irish Thoroughbred / Irish Rose by Nora Roberts

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IRISH THOROUGHBRED: Come to America. Your home is with me now. After a letter from her uncle, Adelia Cunnane left Ireland to join him on what he had described as the 'finest horse farm in Maryland'. Adelia agreed with her uncle about the farm. But what should she think about its owner, Travis Grant? She knew that he could master his strongest horse. She had seen his eyes soften at the birth of a foal. Yet his lips on hers demanded a submission that she was not yet ready to give - at least not until he had spoken the words she had to hear. IRISH ROSE: Burke Logan was a gambler, and luck had made him owner of Three Aces, one of the finest stables in Maryland. He'd come to Ireland to buy horses, but one look at Erin McKinnon's fiery beauty told him that he'd be leaving with a whole lot more. Erin McKinnon had dreams and ambitions - and no intention of living out her days in the small town of Skibbereen! She knew Burke held all the cards, but when he asked her to come with him to America, it was an offer she couldn't refuse. Burke Logan was a man to be reckoned with, and from the moment they met Erin knew that even if she lost, she'd win. This 2010 Mills & Boon Paperback is in Good condition.

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