Skylight Vegetarian Cookbook by Candy Sands

The New Zealand Vegetable Cookbook by Lauraine Jacobs; Ginny Grant; Kathy Paterson

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A meal isn't complete without vegetables, and sometimes vegetables can be a complete meal. This beautiful book celebrates the range and versatility of New Zealand's seasonal produce, offering a wide range of recipes from entrees and main dishes such as pies and flans, risottos and pastas, as well as delicious side dishes and accompaniments. The book is divided into four seasonal sections, each one dedicated to produce available at that time of year, and with a feature vegetable for each season (eg 'Spring means asparagus'). Mouth-watering photography by Aaron McLean brings the dishes to life and celebrates the beauty of our beautiful fresh produce. This is not a vegetarian cookbook, but rather a celebration of how vegetables can be the star in a range of delicious dishes. All the encouragement you'll ever need to eat your greens! This 2010 Random House New Zealand Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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