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A History of Russia: Medieval, Modern, Contemporary, c.882-1996 by Paul Dukes

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Is today’s Russia capable of democracy, the free market, and a pluralist ideology? In this new edition of A History of Russia, Paul Dukes investigates these questions, taking into full account the extraordinary changes that have occurred since the arrival of first Mikhail Gorbachev and then Boris Yeltsin. Substantially expanded and rewritten, this new edition sets these events within the context of over 1100 years of Russian history. Dukes reviews the successive phases in Russian history from medieval Kiev and Muscovy to the current post-Soviet Union, with distinctive sections on political, economic, and cultural aspects of each period.With its breadth of scope and conciseness of presentation, this third edition of A History of Russia will be invaluable to students of European and Russian history, and also to students of Russian language, literature, and social science. This 1998 Duke University Press Paperback is in Good condition.

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