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The Dark Lord of Savaiki: Collected Poems by Alistair Campbell

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Having Just Turned 80, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell Presents The Best Of His Early And Middle Period Poems, As Well As His Latest Collections, Gallipoli And Other Poems, Maori Battalion And An Autobiographical Poem In Letters, Poets In Our Youth. Few New Zealand Poets Have Treated The Natural World With Greater Sensitivity, While His Personal Lyrics And Love Poems Have A Music And A Depth Of Feeling That Set Them Apart. Early Poems, 1947-1959 : Green. Images. Narcissus. Fragment. Dazzling Driftwood. Lament. August. Homage To Swinburne. The Cromwell Gorge. Elegy, Sequence: I-ix. The Rock Spring. At A Fishing Settlement. Hut Near Desolated Pines. The Return. Coming Of Spring. Monument. Aunt Lucrezia. Daisy Pinks. Lament Of Jack Everyman. Bones. Flowering Apple. I Saw Three Ships. Bitter Harvest. Bon Voyage. Looking At Kapiti -- Disolocations, 1960-1963 : Personal Sonnets: I-iv. Forgiveness. Wild Honey. The Climber. Haiku. Sanctuary Of Spirits, Sequencel I-ix. Nobby Clark. Reflections On Some Great Chiefs. An Old Chief Watches Young Men Exercising On Kapiti. Waiting For The Pakeha. Te Rauparaha In Old Change. Wairaka Rock. Grandfather Bosini. Friend: -- Mainly Lyrics, 1965 --^ 1995 : Blue Rain. Why Don't You Talk To Me?. Gathering Mushrooms. The Trap. Make Your Mind A Blank. Mourning. Old Lady Dying. Home From Hospital. Purple Chaos. Rain In January. Small Town Blues. The Gunfighter. Memo To Mr Auden, 29/8/66. The Dwarf Queen In Mourning. A Mermaid For Sam Hunt. Apple Country. The Australian Girl. Gothic Spells. Dreams, Yellow Lions. Love Song For Meg. The Fall. To A Young Girl. Under Mount Welcome. Houses At Night. The Manner Is To Be Deplored. Burning Rubbish. Senex. The Sad Plumber. Sumaringa. Gathering Cape Gooseberries. Reflections On The Verb 'to Be'. That Thing. To Saddler A Puppy. Haiku. Tongareva -- 1980-1994 : Tangaroa Nui. To My Grandson Oliver Maireriki Aged One Day. The Dark Lord Of Savaiki, Sequence: I-x. Soul Traps, Sequnce: I-xx. Elegy For Anzac Day. Tongareva. Mihi Ia Tongareva. Death And The Tagua -- Gallipoli And Other Poems : Gallipoli, Sequence: I-xiv. Cages For The Wind, Sequence: I-xiv --^ 28 (maori) Battalion : Part I: Greece: I-xvii. Part Ii: Crete: Xviii-xxvi. Part Iii: North Africal Xxvii-lii. Part Iv: Italy: Liii-lxvi -- Poets In Our Youth : I. Letter To John Mansfield Thomson. Ii. Letter To Harry Orsman. Iii. Letter To Pat Wilson. Wounded Hedgehog. Night Alarms. Paradise. To Stuart. Bucolic Verses, Sequence: I-ii. Saku -- About The House : About The House, Sequence: I-xxviii. Poem For Ataahua. Alistair Te Ariki Campbell. This 2005 Hazard Press Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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