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My Bug: for Everyone Who Owned, Loved, Or Shared a Vw Beetle-- True Tales of the Car That Defined a Generation by Michael J. Rosen

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Volkswagen owners get dewey-eyed with nostalgia just thinking about their old Beetles. This was a vehicle of a thousand stories, and My Bug presents some of the best of them in all their tie-dyed glory. More than 40 brand-new stories, poems, anecdotes, and general love letters plus 100 treasured photographs, illustrations, and cartoons from smitten owners recall the highs and lows of the golden days of Beetlemania: water splashing through holes in the rusted floor; trying to make out in the backseat (indeed, trying to make it out of the backseat); the mystery test button on the dash, the secret panel behind the footrest, the battery so conveniently(!) located under the backseat, the scalding blast of sudden heat as the car chugged up an incline. No self-respecting Boomer can forget the Beetle, even if he or she is driving a Beemer today. Now is the time to get out the bellbottoms and put those memory cells in gear. The Bug is back. This 1999 Artisan Hardback is in Near Mint condition.

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