Friend of My Youth by Alice Munro

The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo And Rose by Alice Munro

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n this series of interweaving stories, Munro recreates the evolving bond between two women in the course of almost forty years. One is Flo, practical, suspicious of other people's airs, at times dismayingly vulgar. the other is Rose, Flo's stepdaughter, a clumsy, shy girl. Rose and her stepmother Flo live in Hanratty - across the bridge from the 'good' part of town. Rose, alternately fascinated and appalled by the rude energy of the people around her, grows up nursing her hope of outgrowing her humble beginnings and plotting to escape to university, where she achieves her own equivocal success in the larger world This 1984 Penguin (Non-Classics) Paperback is in Fair condition.

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