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A Touch of Sleeve by Susan Bell

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There is a Japanese proverb about a frog who opens his mouth displaying his inside, thus bringing great shame upon himself. This is one reason little is known about Japan and how its citizens fared in World War II and the consequent Occupation by the United States. However, there is one old man who doesn't care about exposing his 'inside' for public view. He has things he wants to say ... This is Hisashi Furuya's story as told to Susan Bell. (Susan met Hisashi when he and his sister immigrated to New Zealand in 1991.) Susan maps the history of Japan with that of Hisashi's ancestors, his samurai lineage. Set against events preceding, during and following World War II, this saga gives the picture of the times in which Hisashi grew up, and which shaped the man he is today. With his traditional childhood and elite education Hisashi's future was full of promise. But war changed his life dramatically. In A TOUCH OF SLEEVE we are given a Japanese view of the military build-up that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbour. We experience first hand the savage carpet bombings of Tokyo and the consequent deprivation of its inhabitants, the bewilderment of the Occupation along with the rebuilding of a defeated nation. Another Japanese proverb that Hisashi is fond of is 'When our sleeves touch it is karma'. Hisashi believes that meeting Susan Bell was inevitable and it has enabled him to tell his story so that we may better understand Japan today. This 2008 Random House New Zealand Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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