Seduced by Magic (Magic Series, Book 2) by Cheyenne McCray

Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton

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It all began with the chalice. I dreamed of it, and it appeared, cool and hard, beside me when I awoke. My guards knew the ancient relic well - its disappearance ages ago stripped them of their vital powers. But it is here with us now. My touch resonates with its force, and they're consumed with it, their Sidhe essences lit up by it. But even as they cherish me for this unexpected gift, there are those who loathe me for it. Me, a mongrel, only half-fey and part mortal.The Unseelie court has suffered for so long, and there are some who would not have it weakened further by an impure queen. My enemies grow in number every day. But they do not know what I am capable of. Nor, for that matter, do I. This 2005 Bantam Books Ltd Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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