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Shatterglass (Circle Opens) by Tamora Pierce

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The fourth and final book in The Circle Opens quartet.Tris finds Tharios oppressive and disturbing. The townsfolk are obsessedwith protocol - to the extent that they have an entire underclasswho seem to be invisible, never seen, never spoken of. Whena series of brutal murders disturb the fragile peace of the city,she is shocked by the city-fathers' attitude - surely they need to do more than tidy these crimes away?Her only help is Keth, a reluctant mage-student who shares her lightning-magicafter being near-paralysed by a lightning strike. Hisskill at glassblowing has been all but destroyed and he bitterlyresents this magic he cannot understand or control. But when oneof his dearest friends is murdered, he and Tris realize that his power may the one thing that can entrap the killer... This 2003 Scholastic Paperback is in Good condition.

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