The Hinged Square & Other Puzzles (Mastermind Collection) by Ivan Moscovich

Tricky Optical Illusion Puzzles by Jerry Slocum; Jack Botermans

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Your eyes will definitely fool you but your mind might not! Solve these optical illusion puzzles by looking and thinking about them in different ways than you would expect to. The solutions appear impossible until you change your perspective - the secret might lie in 'losing yourself' in the total picture to make the hidden image magically appear. There will be number puzzles that will test your logic and analytical skills. Take a look at a slip of paper with four numbers, for example, that was accidentally ripped in two. When you add these numbers - 30 to 25 - and square the sum, the outcome is the same as the total figure on the note! So 30+25=55 x 55=3025. This 2003 Sterling Publishers Pvt. Limited Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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