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Tough Topology Problems and Other Puzzles (Ivan Moscovich's Mastermind Collection) by Ivan Moscovich

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Colorful geometrical pentagors, composed of pentagons and triangles and dissected into pieces: Can you put the shapes together again to form a whole? A classic paradox about the nature of motion from a famous Greek mathematician: Can you see what’s wrong with it?  Put on your thinking cap and prepare to give your math and logic abilities a workout, because these super-looking puzzles demand real brainpower. Solve a graphic problem that involves the calculation of a square root. Examine six linear processions of egg-carrying ants, and figure out which lines are “surprising” and which ones aren’t. Go step by step through a multihued grid and try to find 32 different configurations within. These puzzles are challenging, entertaining, and satisfying to unravel. This 2006 Sterling Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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