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Foundation And Earth by Isaac Asimov

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This is Isaac Asimov’s fifth ‘Foundation’ novel Foundation and Earth develops the story begun in Foundation’s Edge, of Golan Trevize’s ‘treachery’ and the search for the mythical origins of humanity. Councilman Trevize, exiled from Terminus and having found Gaia, a world unknown to the Foundationers and inhabited by telepathic beings, continues on his quest for Earth and the answers to the enigmas of the ‘Seldon Plan’. Trevize discovers disturbing flaws in Han Seldon’s psychohistorical predictions for humanity that he must examine to explain his instinctive commitment to Gaia, and to the as yet unformed Galaxia. Trevize, Janov Pelorat the mythologist and the Gaian, Bliss, set off in the gravitic ship Far Star in search of new knowledge of the mysterious planet Earth. Someone or something is hiding records on the planet and Trevize’s only clues lie interwoven in fragments of ancient legends. They travel first to the antagonistic Comporellon discovering there tales of the early Spacer worlds, now mostly in ruins, where mankind made its first galactic settlements. From these ancient Spacer worlds the voyagers gather the vital co-ordinates that eventually guide them to the Earth’s solar system. But what will they find there? As they near the destination of their epic quest Bliss begins to pick up the mental activity of intelligent beings, but are they human or something very strangely close to human? This 1986 Grafton Hardback is in Very Good condition.

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